Board of Directors

Non-Executive Board (2024-2026)

The Non-Executive Board is elected by the Assembly of Members every two years. On behalf of EUROCROWD, it assumes the task guiding the Secretariat in executing its strategy, as well as looking into joint problems, preparing reports and taking part in conferences; it elects a Chair to help represent the interests of its members and support any other initiative with the aim of furthering these objectives.

The EUROCROWD Board of Non-Executive Directors 2024-2026 was elected 18th June 2024  

Members of the Non-Executive Board

  • Chair: Christopher Grätz, Invesdor (ECSPR)
  • Vice Chair: Giselle Borg Olivier, Zaar (Reward)
  • Secretary: Anna Raschi, Opstart (ECSPR)
  • Benoit Collas, Enerfip (ECSPR)
  • Randal MacDonald, Seedrs Europe (ECSPR)
  • Luis Couto, GoParity (ECSPR)
  • Nora Szeles, Tokeportal (ECSPR)
  • Christopher Burge, Spark Crowdfunding (ECSPR)
  • Dan Rajkumar, Rebuildingsociety (service provider)

Honourable Members

  • Alexandre Raguet (Founding Executive Board Member)
  • Christin Friedrich (former Chair of the Non-Executive Board)

Executive Board (2023-2025)

The Secretariat is supported by an administrative and executive board which holds overall strategic and administrative powers and represent the interests of EUROCROWD before any public or private authority, including in any legal or official proceeding; and ensures the organisations strategic objectives are being set and fulfilled in a prudential manner. 

The administrative and executive board represent our full member, independent from the sector, which are published via the Belgian authorities in the Moniteur Belge: 

  • Oliver Gajda (Chairman & Founder), 
  • Lawrence Claes (Treasurer), 
  • Megan Blair (Secretary)
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