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EUROCROWD Elects New Advisory Board to Drive Future Growth 

by EUROCROWD on 27.06.2024

Brussels, 28 June 2024 – The European Crowdfunding Network (EUROCROWD) is proud to announce the election of its new non-executive board, a strategic move to consolidate our position as the industry's representative body. The newly elected board brings together leading figures from the crowdfunding and professional services sectors, reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the European crowdfunding ecosystem. 

New non-executive Board Members: 

  • Chair: Christopher Grätz, Invesdor, Netherlands (ECSPR) 
  • Vice Chair: Giselle Borg Olivier, Zaar, Malta (Reward) 
  • Secretary: Anna Raschi, Opstart, Italy (ECSPR) 
  • Benoit Collas, Enerfip, France (ECSPR) 
  • Randal MacDonald, Seedrs, Ireland (ECSPR) 
  • Luis Couto, GoParity, Portugal (ECSPR) 
  • Nora Szeles, Tokeportal, Malta (ECSPR) 
  • Christopher Burge, Spark Crowdfunding, Ireland (ECSPR) 
  • Dan Rajkumar, Rebuildingsociety, UK (service provider) 

EUROCROWD has a long history of driving innovation and establishing best practices within the European crowdfunding landscape. Since its inception in 2013, the organization has been at the forefront of promoting transparency, regulation, and governance in digital finance. Key milestones include successful advocacy for the European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulation (ECSPR), fostering stakeholder collaboration, and leading numerous access-to-finance initiatives. 

The newly elected board members bring a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to advancing the interests of crowdfunding platforms and service providers across Europe. Their expertise spans various crowdfunding models, including equity, debt, and reward-based platforms, ensuring comprehensive representation and strategic insight. 

Challenges Ahead 

As EUROCROWD continues to grow, the new board faces the critical challenge of navigating an increasingly complex regulatory environment while ensuring that the organization remains a beacon for innovation and best practices. Key priorities will include: 

  • Strategic direction: The board is advising on setting the strategy and is supporting in its execution. 
  • Advancing Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring members' adherence to the latest ECSPR guidelines and advocating for favourable regulatory frameworks. 
  • Promoting Financial Inclusion: Enhancing access to crowdfunding for diverse entrepreneurs and SMEs across Europe. 
  • Fostering Cross-Border Collaboration: Encouraging partnerships and knowledge-sharing among European crowdfunding platforms to spur growth and innovation. 
  • Supporting Sustainable Finance: Leveraging crowdfunding to support green and socially responsible investment opportunities. 
  • Collaborating with national trade associations: We understand that each country has nuanced variations in regulation and aim to work with local partners on local issues. 

“We are excited to welcome our new advisory board members, each of whom brings invaluable experience and vision to our work,” said Oliver Gajda, Executive Director of EUROCROWD. “Their leadership will be instrumental as we continue to champion the growth and sustainability of the European crowdfunding industry.” 


EUROCROWD is the leading network for the European crowdfunding industry, dedicated to promoting transparency, regulation, and governance in digital finance. With a focus on innovation and sustainable growth, EUROCROWD supports its members through advocacy, education, and collaboration. 

For more information about EUROCROWD and its initiatives, please visit or contact us by email at

Photo by Guillaume Périgois on Unsplash