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Transforming Crowdfunding: InnovUP and EUROCROWD Unite Forces for Impact in Italy and Europe

by EUROCROWD on 04.03.2024

Brussels, 4 March 2024. InnovUP, the Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem association, and EUROCROWD, an independent professional network for crowdfunding, have announced their strategic collaboration to represent crowdfunding platforms in Italy and across Europe. This expands a partnership between InnovUP and AIEC, the Italian Equity Crowdfunding Association. The collaboration, effective from 2024, aims to offer a combined membership that leverages the strengths and expertise of both organizations.

Today marks a significant step forward in the crowdfunding landscape. By uniting their efforts, these organizations provide crowdfunding platforms with a powerful and unified representation in both Italy and Europe. This collaborative approach ensures a stronger voice for crowdfunding platforms in policy discussions, enhanced networking opportunities, and access to a wealth of resources and expertise.

Cristina Angelillo, President of InnovUP, emphasizes the importance of this partnership for the Italian innovation ecosystem, stating, "The expansion of InnovUP's membership demonstrates our commitment to representing the entire Italian innovation supply chain. Our partnership with AIEC and EUROCROWD will enable us to advocate for the strategic sector of crowdfunding in Italy and Europe."

Alessandro Lerro, President of AIEC, acknowledges the significance of crowdfunding platforms joining this collaborative effort, stating, "The participation of crowdfunding platforms in this common house of innovation will allow initiatives to be networked among ecosystems, while fostering sharing of information and knowledge on alternative finance."

Oliver Gajda, Director of EUROCROWD, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "By joining forces with InnovUP and AIEC, our goal is to provide our members with unprecedented access to resources, expertise, and opportunities. Together, we will lead advocacy efforts, address regulatory challenges, and facilitate strategic engagement with decision makers, ensuring that our members' interests are effectively represented."

This alliance between is expected to bring positive transformations in the crowdfunding industry, fostering innovation and sustainable growth. It offers crowdfunding platforms a unified representation, strengthened voice in policy discussions, enhanced networking opportunities, and access to comprehensive resources, ultimately driving economic growth and development in the European innovation ecosystem.

Benefits for Crowdfunding Service Providers across Europe:

Unified Representation:

  • InnovUP's Expertise: Drawing from its experience in fostering innovation and supporting startups in Italy, InnovUP contributes valuable expertise to the collaboration.
  • EUROCROWD's Advocacy: As an independent professional network, EUROCROWD advocates for transparency and governance in digital finance across Europe.

Strengthened Voice in Policy Discussions:

  • EUROCROWD's Influence: With a strong track record of shaping and influencing policy discussions at national and EU level, EUROCROWD's collaboration with InnovUP amplifies its impact.
  • InnovUP's Local Influence: InnovUP's local influence in Italy ensures a nuanced approach in policy dialogues, bridging the gap between local and European perspectives.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities:

  • Expanded Network: Members gain access to an expanded network, leveraging the strengths and connections of both InnovUP and EUROCROWD.
  • Peer-to-Peer Interaction: Increased peer-to-peer interaction facilitates the exchange of information and insights on a broader scale.

Access to Comprehensive Resources:

  • InnovUP's Knowledge Initiatives: InnovUP's focus on knowledge initiatives complements EUROCROWD's commitment to research and education, providing members with a comprehensive set of resources.
  • Professional Support: Crowdfunding platforms benefit from access to professional support, technical assistance, and consulting services through the combined expertise of both organizations.

A big thank you to all those actors that will be amongst the first to fully benefit from this partnership, crowdfunding service providers Mamacrowd, Doorway, Upside Town, Clubdeal Online, Ener2Crowd, Enerfip and business service providers Turbocrowd and Dynamo Lab e SCAI Comunicazione. Earlier this year EUROCROWD reached out to other national associations to enter open discourse on potential collaborations. We hope to be able to expand our network in due course to other markets.


InnovUP is the Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem association and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in fostering innovation and supporting the growth of startups and SMEs in Italy. Through its advocacy, networking, and knowledge initiatives, InnovUP has been instrumental in creating a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and is now consolidating the representation of professional crowdfunding platforms in Italy.

EUROCROWD, an independent professional network, has been at the forefront of promoting transparency, regulation, and governance in digital finance. With a mission to professionalize, represent, and protect the European crowdfunding industry, EUROCROWD plays a crucial role in influencing policy discussions, providing resources, and fostering a collaborative environment.