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FEMMEPOWERMENT – Enhance digital readiness and skills among women over 50

by EUROCROWD on 28.02.2024

Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA210 - Small-scale partnerships in adult education

Duration: January 2024 – June 2025

Project website: under construction


Project FEMMEPOWERMENT aims to enhance digital readiness and skills among women over 50, bolstering their position in the job market. At its core, the project aims to bridge the gap in digital readiness and competencies among this demographic, recognizing the pivotal role of these skills in securing meaningful positions in the workforce. Pooling the expertise of diverse organizationsFEMMEPOWERMENT sets out to tackle the pressing need for upskilling and reskilling senior women. Their collective effort focuses on equipping women with essential digital skills, with a particular emphasis on crowdfunding and match-funding techniques.

Through collaborative efforts, FEMMEPOWERMENT endeavours to develop and pilot a standardized learning course tailored to the unique needs of women already in the workforce. By integrating these courses into working hours and adapting content to national languages, the project aims to make learning accessible and practical for participants.

Our role:
Eurocrowd will develop a training course and implement it among the beneficiaries of the project in Spain and Italy

Expected results:

  • Active participation of women over 50 in the workplace, with a consequent increase in their skills and contributions to the development of innovative and sustainable practices in their companies.
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of CSR among SMEs in Italy and Spain, leading to the adoption of more sustainable and socially responsible practices.
  • Establishment of a network of companies committed to CSR and sustainability, facilitating the exchange of experiences and best practices and promoting.

Project partners: