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Eurocrowd Takes on Climate Challenges and Gender Equality with Two Exciting Initiatives

by EUROCROWD on 28.02.2024

We are excited to announce the commencement of our latest endeavors as we embark on two new awarded projects. Eurocrowd, drawing from over a decade of experience in developing EU projects and tenders, proudly presents EU Sparks - Citizens' Championship and Femmepowerment. These initiatives signify our ongoing commitment to driving innovation and addressing societal needs within the European community.

EU Sparks - Citizens' Championship is poised to be a catalyst for change, focusing on the development of ideas from citizens and researchers to tackle the pressing challenges of Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, as well as Adaptation to Climate Change. This project underscores our dedication to fostering collaboration and empowering individuals to contribute to EU missions of paramount importance.

Meanwhile, Femmepowerment represents a significant step towards gender equality and empowerment in the workforce. By enhancing digital readiness and skills among women over 50, this project aims to bolster their position in the job market while emphasizing the value of lifelong learning and adaptation to digital transformations. It is a testament to our belief in creating inclusive opportunities for all members of society.

Eurocrowd's role in both projects is pivotal. We are dedicated to promoting, raising awareness, and providing training on the various aspects of crowdfunding, recognizing it as a valuable tool to fund initiatives with social impact. Through our expertise and guidance, participants will be equipped with the necessary resources to realize their visions and drive positive change within their communities.

We are thrilled to collaborate with esteemed partners such as Barrabés.BIZ, Energy Cities, European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), EURADA, MicroLab, Open Impact and Impact Hub. Together, we aim to harness collective knowledge and expertise to maximize the impact of EU Sparks - Citizens' Championship and Femmepowerment. Stay tuned for updates as we work together towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for Europe.