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ECSPR Monitor 6: Analyzing 2023 ECSPR Transaction Values

by EUROCROWD on 30.01.2024

In this ECSPR Monitor, we will showcase short insights into the 2023 market for licensed crowdfunding service providers (CSP) under the European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation (ECSPR). We therefore believe that data at the transaction level for ECSPR licensed operators will deliver relevant performance insights with regard of this newly created sector, while overall value or volume figures might be indicative for comparison with past market data. EUROCROWD analyzed all publicly available transactions from ECSPR-licensed operators in 2023. The dataset includes CSPs licensed by the end of 2023 and is limited to those transactions falling under the new regulation. The data, while preliminary, offers an initial understanding of the sector's performance. However, caution is advised due to potential discrepancies in reporting and data quality.

Summary Results:

While there were slightly more transactions in volume with loans than with securities, it is the latter that has the higher average with around EUR 680,00 versus EUR 470,000 for the former. So in general, security transactions were on average bigger than loan transactions and in lower numbers. In total, however, loans still prevailed and amounted to a slightly larger value than the total.

Transaction Volume and Averages:

  • Over 2,000 individual transactions (loans and securities) were identified.
  • Average transaction value: EUR 610,000.
  • Median transaction value: EUR 300,000.
  • The analysis reveals a prevalence of smaller transactions, with only around 350 transactions exceeding EUR 1 million.
Source: Eurocrowd 2024

Transaction Distribution Over Time

  • A three-month rolling index was calculated to smooth potential fluctuations.
  • Two peaks were observed, with lower transaction values during the summer and year-end periods.
  • The trend might be influenced by batch approvals of licenses by competent authorities.
Source: Eurocrowd 2024

Data Quality and Limitations:

The dataset depends on public self-reported data, acknowledging potential reporting discrepancies. General limited information on transaction closure dates and fluctuations in data quality are noted, but cannot always be adjusted for. Caution is advised in interpreting the data. Acknowledging data limitations, EUROCROWD encourages CSPs to enhance their data representation and to apply the spirit of ECSPR concerning consumer protection and transparency. Figures in this presentation have been rounded.

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