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Crowdfunding LAB: a partnership to support startups and companies in the Trentino Region

by EUROCROWD on 22.09.2023

Bologna, September 21. EUROCROWD is happy to announce the official launch of its most recent initiative: a Training-Mentoring-Coaching (TMC) service, design and structured in cooperation with ISG members, will be piloted with the support of Trentino Sviluppo through the Crowdfunding LAB programme. The initiative will launch in October and will provide companies with the necessary skills and support to develop a successful crowdfunding campaign

Raising capital from external investors is one of the most important challenges that companies, both large and small, are forced to face if they are to successfully grow their business. Within this context, EUROCROWD has long been advocating about the effectiveness and potential of crowdfunding, although the great flexibility and diversity in available crowdfunding models can represent a challenge for those approaching it for the first time. In a continued effort to tackle this issue and unlock the full potential of crowdfunding for European businesses, EUROCROWD and Trentino Sviluppo will pilot a free, tailor-made Training-Mentoring-Coaching (TMC) approach to provide guidance and support to startups and companies based in the region. The Crowdfunding LAB programme will allow innovative startups, scale-ups and SMEs to become more familiar to the main opportunities (and challenges) that crowdfunding has to offer. The program will be delivered via face-to-face group lectures as well as one-on-one meetings, and aims at providing companies with the skills to launch and manage their own crowdfunding campaigns.

Piloting the Crowdfunding LAB programme is fundamental to validate the type and methodology of support that EUROCROWD and its Strategic Members can offer to starrtups and SMEs. The upcoming regulatory revolution that the full implementation of ECSPR will represent for the crowdfunding industry, coupled with increased competition in accessing traditional sources of capital or funding, is certain to mark a turning point in the relevance of crowdfunding for companies all across the EU. In this perspective, EUROCROWD is determined to work with its members to the benefit of both companies and investors, and to increase the overall understanding of - and access to - crowdfunding as a source of capital.

The Crowdfunding LAB initiative building on the promising results of the Regione Veneto Sportello Crowdfunding, which was launched in May in cooperation with ISG’s Chair Fondazione Fenice. To date, 10 startups have already requested to access the full support progrrame, with 7 of them having concluded the Mentoring sessions and preparing to launch their crowdfunding rounds.

Crowdfunding LAB is delivered in collaboration with Trentino Sviluppo, Registrations will remain open to companies based in the Trentino Region until October 3rd. For more information and to apply, visit