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Crowdfunding to create economic opportunities fighting rural depopulation

by EUROCROWD on 11.07.2023

The depopulation of rural areas across Europe has been a political priority for some time. On 29 June 2023 EUROCROWD joined the European Rural Pact Support Office in Brussels, discussing actions to tackle rural depopulation. The expert meeting addressed the societal problems of rural depopulation. Participants from across Europe gathered to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with tackling rural de-population using the examples of Spain, Italy, and Finland.

The discussion highlighted the challenges and opportunities in affected territories. Crowdfunding can help addressing this problem by offering bespoke solutions for citizens living in rural areas. Such solutions can help citizens in rural areas to faster and easier access funding while benefitting from co-creation and collaborative problem-solving, helping to improve the economic situation of rural communities and create new business opportunities.

Crowdfunding is already being used as a tool to revitalize rural communities and EU-ROCROWD is actively supporting local initiatives in Italy and Spain. For example, in the region of Extremadura, Spain, EUROCROWD is delivering dedicated training programmes in rural areas with local partners. Similarly, in the region of Roccascalegna and PennaPiedimonte (Abruzzo), Italy, EUROCROWD is active in supporting local authorities in developing access to crowdfunding. Already in 2022 EUROCROWD showcased how crowdfunding as compatible alternative financing tool can support other funding methods in rural areas in the ‘Rural-collective financing: crowdfunding’ webinar.

The ongoing political discourse and actions addressing rural depopulation offers significant opportunities for the crowdfunding sector. EUROCROWD and some of its members are already engaged in pilot activities to create hands-on expertise in solving the economic problems of rural communities and are seeking to expand efforts.

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