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Deeper collaboration with and integration of crowdfunding and Fintech as key takeaways from the Alternative Finance Forum 2023

by EUROCROWD on 28.04.2023

On the 26 & 27 of April, EUROCROWD contributed for the third time to the discussions at the Alternative Finance Forum, this year in Thessaloniki. Together with member Christopher Grätz, Co-Founder and CEO of Invesdor, EUROCROWD led the debate on building new fintech business models, focusing on scalability, growth and sustainability. In a panel joined by George Platanas, Country Director Greece, Seedblink; Eleni Vlami, Head of Growth, Pleo, Women Of Fintech Member; Alin Latu, Country Manager Romania, iBanFirst, the discussion clarified the operational challenges to scale fintech business models for small and medium-sized business across Europe.

Christopher Grätz, Invesdor, called for joined actions to progress deeper integration of fintech into the financial services landscape in Europe: "The fintech sector and the European Union have to join forces to achieve a European Capital Market Union to tackle climate change and build a sustainable and circular economy." But, he further stressed that it would be only possible if done in partnership with incumbent financial services providers.

Other panels explored the use of DLT, DAO and alternative currencies, as well as impact investing, microfinance and sustainable investment, providing new ideas to use cases of technology adaptation, business collaboration and policy to the main sponsor of the forum, the European Investment Bank Institute (EIB Institute) and EIB Group (EIB). 

Over 30 innovators and thought leaders from the fintech and social capital sectors discussed for two days new and proven ways of developing a new innovative financial services sector, leveraging technologies, collaboration and design principles to deliver new opportunities for financing a sustainable economy across Europe and beyond.

In a separate panel, EUROCROWD's Executive Director discussed with Maria, Staszkiewicz, President of the European Digital Finance Association, Tonia Damvakeraki, Managing Director of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum and Olena Gryniuk, CEE Regional Director of the SME Banking Club how innovation and sustainability are changing the financial services sector from within the fintech sector. EUROCROWD will continue to support, together with other European associations, the Alternative Finance Forum and the work of European Institutions in better understanding and integrating innovative financial services into the existing market.