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by EUROCROWD on 03.03.2023

Member’s name: EvenFi


Email address:

Type of crowdfunding: Lending

Country: Spain


EvenFi is a lending platform that enables SMEs to raise loans from private lenders at attractive risk-return ratios. Founded in 2018 in Italy, it today operates in Italy and Spain via Evenfi Fintech SA, Spain. The Italian operations are supported by Criptalia SRL (Italy). EvenFi has almost 20,000 users and 5,300 active lenders, having transacted more than EUR 100 million

In addition, EvenFi provides alternative finance technology solutions that empower businesses, alternative asset originators, investors, and communities to achieve their financial goals more efficiently and innovatively.

Competent supervisory authority:  CNMV

Complaints procedure:

EvenFi provides users with a live chat on the website, a group in discord, and an email address to communicate complaints/questions.

Company name: EvenFi

Legal form: Evenfi Fintech SA (Spain)

Date of establishment: 2018

VAT number: 04290070160

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