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Industry-driven ECSPR Professional Group to streamline the implementation of rules and best practices 

by EUROCROWD on 24.02.2023

EUROCROWD is launching an internal working group for professional crowdfunding service providers holding an ECSPR license or transitioning into ECSPR within 2023. Following EUROCROWD's ten-year effort to create a pan-European crowdfunding market, we have reached the first part of our vision with the implementation of the EU Prospectus Law and with ECSPR concerning investment- and lending-based crowdfunding.

To reflect the changes in our future work with this particular market, to give our ECSPR licensed members the space to share knowledge on the implementation and impact of ECSPR across the EU with each other and with policy-makers and stakeholders, we are now creating the ECSPR Professional Group.

This group will be open to ECSPR-licensed EUROCROWD members to exchange their experience and knowledge and to ensure and track the qualified application of the new rules across the European Union. The Group will aim to gather industry stakeholders with a pan-European perspective on the future of the crowdfunding industry and to provide them with an informal networking and exchange forum on topics related to the practical implementation of ECSPR in all 27 EU member states.

EUROCROWD will therefore engage members in developing best practices, monitoring market developments and guidance of the regulatory implementation of the rules. This is for ECSP-licensed CSP only or those transitioning into ECSPR during 2023.

A rotating Chairmanship from its members will manage the ECSPR Professional Group , with a Vice Chair and a Secretary, to ensure proper functioning and decision-making. EUROCROWD will assist the ECSPR Professional Group achieve its goal by providing relevant logistical support and advice if necessary.

EUROCROWD will host the ECSPR Professional Group and provide additional support, if and where necessary, in the form of arranging:

- Policy meetings

- Member-only events

- Policy monitoring & briefings

- Connection with relevant actors in other industries

The activities will be structured around key problems and opportunities identified by the Group members, its resolutions and potential publications leading toward developing best practices and the qualified implementation of ECSPR.

EUROCROWD Platform Members for the year 2023 can informally express their interest via

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