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Crowdfunding Academy: Boosting Cultural and Creative Industries through alternative finance 

by EUROCROWD on 24.02.2023

EUROCROWD is happy to announce to be leading key training programmes focused on within a new Erasmus+ partnership, Crowdfunding Academy for CCIs. Our goal is to establish crowdfunding as a direct and complementary source of financing within the creative and cultural industries. Our dedicated training offering comprises both introductory and advanced and professional courses. 

Eurocrowd has been engaged in crowdfunding promotion and market support since 2013 through training courses, events and dissemination of good practices. In addition, we provide a range of services that help organisations, such as public authorities, SMEs or regional development agencies, in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Academy for CCIs will develop a free European e-learning platform where users - individuals and organisations - can learn and find information about developments in crowdfunding across Europe, explicitly focusing on cultural and creative industries. In addition to multimedia content and training courses, the platform aims to provide a selection of best practices and an overview of active crowdfunding platforms in Europe with a focus on the target sector.

In cooperation with our partners Jugend&Kulturprojectev (Germany), Tree Agency (Estonia), Associazione Distretto Produttivo Puglia Creativa (Italy), Fundación Platoniq (Spain) and Bratislavsky Institut Pre Politicku (Slovakia), we are looking forward to enabling a broad reach by the platform content and will seek to make it available in at least five different languages, starting with English, Spanish, German, Italian and Slovak. If you want to learn more about Crowdfunding Academy for CCIs, please visit its website. If you like to find out more about opportunities in working with us on developing bespoke training and educational content for your needs, please see our website for details here

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