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EUROCROWD to join EUIPO Ideas Powered for Business Network event

by EUROCROWD on 25.10.2022

In the context of the Ideas Powered for Business network, EUIPO will host its annual Network event on 28 October in Alicante, Spain. The event aims at bringing together members of the Ideas Powered for Business Network, established in early 2020, in order to provide insights and updates about different synergies and opportunities that IP protection can offer to European companies and startups.  

EUROCROWD, who has been among the first organisations to join the Network, will share insights on how crowdfunding platforms have increasingly established themselves as key players in facilitating access to finance for startups and SMEs, and which future opportunities will European entrepreneurs be able to access once the transition period for ECSPR implementation comes to an end, in November 2023.  

Francesca Passeri, EUROCROWD’s Deputy Director, will join the session on Supporting SMEs growth

EUROCROWD has been closely cooperating with EUIPO in the past two years. The interaction between raising capital via an internet-based mechanism as crowdfunding and the need to protect IP while doing so is one of the key concerns for a number of EU companies, especially those that are working on deep tech solutions or disruptive innovation along different value chains and production lines. In this perspective, we have found EUIPO to be a great ally in our operations, and we have joined forces in a number of educational and training activities. We are grateful for the opportunity to join the Ideas Powered for Business Network, which we believe to be a very useful tool for any entrepreneur in the EU, and we look forward to future activities and joint initiatives.