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11th CrowdCon: Next Level – Expanding the Capital Market Union 

by EUROCROWD on 03.10.2022

EUROCROWD is thrilled to announce the 11th Crowdfunding Convention: Next level – Expanding the Capital Market Union, taking place on the 8 and 9 November 2022 in our offices in Brussels. Pre-registration is available now.  

The year 2023 will see crowdfunding become a harmonised financial service across the EU thanks to ECSPR. Therefore, we specially designed the programme to support crowdfunding platforms in adjusting to the new market realities.  

CrowdCon 2022 will bring a mix of professional training and knowledge exchange to the market, consisting of two exciting days of workshops, panels, keynote speakers, and many networking opportunities: 

Professional Workshop Day (8 November): The first day is designed for crowdfunding platforms transitioning from national regimes toward ECSPR. It will offer workshops on two key aspects, indemnity insurance and licensing requirements.  

These workshops will be open to platforms only, members and non-members of EUROCROWD. 

Conference Day (9 November): The second day consists of panels, keynote speakers, and relevant policymakers, exploring the convergence of crowdfunding with capital markets, from Stock Exchanges via Banking to Crypto Currencies.  

Platforms that have attended the Professional Workshop Day will be prioritised for access to the Conference, as well as EUROCROWD members. 

You can check the agenda on the event webpage. Seats for the 11th CrowdCon are limited so pre-register now!  

Join the 11th Crowdfunding Convention and discover the future of crowdfunding. 

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