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by EUROCROWD on 30.05.2022

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Type of crowdfunding: P2P Lending

Country: France

Description: is the first investment platform offering individuals the opportunity to invest directly in companies with strong social and environmental utility, acting at the heart of the key sectors of the transition. Fully digital, offers an investment experience accessible to all. Far from volatile and speculative stock markets, offers sustainable financial investments. It currently remains the only crowdfunding platform to have obtained the finansol label, certifying the solidarity and transparency nature of its electronic wallet.

Competent supervisory authority: Autoritié des MArchés Financiers (France); CONSOB (Italy); FSMA (Belgium)

License and permits: CIP (France)

Company name:

Legal form: Sociétés par actions simplifiées

Date of establishment: 15/09/2014

VAT number: FR15805139383

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