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by EUROCROWD on 30.11.2021

Member’s name: Crowdpolicy Digital Participatory Services


Email address:

Country: Greece


Crowdpolicy operates in the following key areas:

Fintech: They specialize in creating innovative products and services for the financial sector. They have a track record of developing platforms for Social and Investment Crowdfunding in Greece, and they continue to provide specialized solutions for banks and other organizations based on API architecture. Crowdpolicy also focuses on creating innovative solutions for e-commerce, payments, and other sectors of the economy. Notably, they recently developed the complete fintech suite of FintelioX solutions, which can be found at ( )

Govtech – civic tech: Crowdpolicy develops products and services that encourage crowd participation in public matters at both local and national levels. Since 2013, they have been working on the CrowdApps suite, an integrated cloud suite of applications designed for cities, municipalities, regions, and local citizen groups. The suite consists of 15 e-government applications that support various aspects of modern governance, such as participation, communication, transparency, accountability, e-government, local development, and volunteering. CrowdApps serve as best practices for fostering citizen engagement and effective governance. (

Open Innovation: They implement actions to enhance innovation in enterprises, organisations and bodies in public and private sectors ( The objectives of their approach are to enhance the competitiveness and extroversion of stakeholders, the transition to quality entrepreneurship with innovation, the integrated digital transition and the creation of added value with the participation of the crowd.

Company name: Crowdpolicy Digital Participatory Services

Legal form: Private Company (PC)

Date of establishment: 21/11/2012

Commercial register number: 123248701000 [GREEK GENERAL BUSINESS REGISTRY (GEMI)]

VAT number: EL800450326

Social Media:

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