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Fundación Goteo

by EUROCROWD on 24.11.2021

Member’s name: Fundación Goteo


Email address:

Type of crowdfunding: Reward Crowdfunding Platform

Country: Spain


Goteo is a civic opensource crowdfunding platform focused on citizen initiatives and social, cultural, technological and educational projects. The platform not only encourages collaborative actions among communities, but also their design and blueprint under an open-source model. Managed by a non-profit foundation (with consequent tax advantages for donors) Goteo’s multidisciplinary team develops tools and services for co-creation and collective funding. Their work and projects are tightly linked to principles of transparency, progress and societal improvement.

Moreover, they encourage the transfer of civil society’s values to the institutional sphere, in order to enhance participative adoption of public policies as well as facilitate and encourage self-organization and citizen participation. supports an average of 200 initiatives per year, raising c.1.6 million euros among a community of more than 236.430 users, with a success rate of 80,6%. All this activity is published and traceable through the website is a pioneer in implementing programmes and alliances with universities, local governments, cooperatives, SMEs and social innovation bodies, promoting hybrid match-funding formulas with both public and private economic resources to benefit and launch projects supported by citizens.

Competent supervisory authority: Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports  

License and permits: None required for Donation and Reward-Based Crowdfunding

Complaints procedure:

Through the online form accessible at platform users or interested project promoters can get in touch with Goteo’s team and will receive an answer in less than 2 or 3 days. Depending on the type of problem (eg. I have problems with my account, I have a possible project, I have doubts about the project form, I have doubts about technical issues, I want a receipt for my donation, I want to hire a service, It’s another type of inquiry,…) users will be re-addressed towards one department or the other, in order to facilitate reception of the most effective answer/help/support possible.

Company name: Fundación Goteo

Legal form: Non-profit organisation

Date of establishment: 2011

Commercial register number: 1438 (Foundation register number)

VAT number: G57728172

Social Media:

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