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by EUROCROWD on 13.11.2021

Member’s name : WeAreStarting

Website :

Email address :

Type of crowdfunding : Equity

Country: Italy

Description: WeAreStarting is a crowdinvesting platform connecting retail and professional investors with selected SMEs. WeAreStarting S.r.l. is  authorized by CONSOB since 2014 (resolution no.19082). The platform collected, through more than 30 equity crowdfunding campaigns, a total of five million euros from more than 900 investors, including over 100 companies. Since 2018, WeAreStarting is a gold member of the European Crowdfunding Network, the main European association of crowdfunding portals.

The business model is based mainly on success fees but a small retainer fee is also applied.

The platform is specialized in selecting companies that are based on a solid business and want to attract investors at a fair pre-money valuation.

WeAreStarting supports the company in all the necessary steps to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The track record is good across different sectors, but especially in the fields of sustainable, green and industrial projects. WeAreStarting is also enabling investors and users to keep track of the progress of each funded company through updates.

The average performance for investors, based on independent assessments, is largely better than the national average.

Competent supervisory authority: Consob

License and permits: Authorisation by Consob (for equity crowdfunding and bulletin board in Italy)

Complaints procedure: Upon receipt of the complaint (at the address, WeAreStarting sends a communication informing the customer that the submitted application has been transmitted to the attention of the administrative body, which will provide information to the manager of relations with users (investors or companies) on how to manage the investigation phase. Subsequently, the person in charge of relations with users (investors or companies) classifies the complaint according to the type, noting the description of the situation and the draft response for the user, to be submitted for approval by the administrative body. If applicable, possible measures to be taken in the future to resolve the problem underlying the complaint are also reported.

The manager of relations with users (investors or companies) processes the data relating to individual complaints and prepares a report for the administrative body, which will be taken into great consideration for the planning of future strategies and will be the basis on which the related section of the annual report to be sent to Consob is elaborated.

Complaints are analyzed promptly and will be answered within 60 working days of submitting the complaint. Complaints are included in the report sent to Consob annually, as required by Article 21 of Consob Regulation No. 18592/2013.

Company name: WeAreStarting Srl

Legal form: Società a responsabilità limitata

Date of establishment: 28th April 2014

Commercial register number: 03986950164

VAT number: IT03986950164

Social Media: