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EUROCROWD Joins the Crowdfunding Festival in Italy, 13-16 July

by EUROCROWD on 06.07.2021

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re the official partners of the upcoming Crowdfunding Festival, gathering in one place the most important actors and stakeholders of the crowdfunding sector in Italy.

The festival, organized by Fondazione Fenice, taking place at the Guida Fenice Green Energy Park in Padua, Italy, and live streaming from 13th to 16th July, will consist of four exciting days of sharing and debate, followed by free meetings and workshops to deepen the themes of alternative economy and crowdfunding.

Each of the four days is reserved for one topic – Institutional Day, Civic Crowdfunding, Equity Crowdfunding and Donation and Reward Crowdfunding.

EUROCROWD, in the framework of the Italian Strategic Group and as the official partner of the Crowdfunding Festival will be represented by our Deputy Director Francesca Passeri, Elisa Patriarca (Assistant to Regional Development) and Joan Segura (Intern). They will present our latest EUROCROWD Report on match-funding initiatives across Europe.

Check out the full agenda:

Tuesday, July 13: Institutional Day

  • 16.30 - Prospects for the European Crowdfunding Market for Crowdfunding operations
    Rosa D'Amato   - Member of the European Parliament; Armando Melone - Policy Officer - DG GROW, European Commission; Emma Rita Iannacone - Consob Officer Intermediaries Division (tbc);
  • 17.00 - Presentation of the Report on the Crowdfunding tool and the EUROPEAN Structural Funds
    Francesca Passeri - Deputy Director; The municipality of Milan; Davide Bazzini - Project Manager PON Metro - Hub of inclusive innovation
  • 17.15 - Payment systems in crowdfunding with a vision at Open Banking
    Riccardo Martino Lemonway; Daniele Zini - Yapily
  • 17.40 - The legal landscape of Crypto Assets and NFTs in crowdfunding operations
    Umberto Piattelli - Osborne Clarke
  • 17.55 - The role of Crowdfunding in the energy and sustainable transition process
    Niccolò Sovico - CEO Ener2Crowd; Igor Bovo - CEO of Samso Spa
  • 18.15 - Lending operations and Minibonds as an immediate liquidity opportunity for companies after Covid-19
    Sergio Zocchi of October

Beer Crowd Labs (from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm)

  • Fiscal Crowd Lab
  • Lending Crowd Lab

Wednesday, July 14: Civic Crowdfunding

  • 11.00 - Inauguration of the Reatti-Vaia building dedicated to digital Finance (Por-Fesr Project of the Veneto Region)
    Roberto Marcato - Veneto Region Association for Economic Development and Energy; Luciano Gamberini - Director of the Unipd Hit Department; Andrea Grigoletto - Technical Director of the Fenice Foundation, with the companies of the network: Fda; Raw materials +, Creativa Scetti, Sistene, Fiel, Spigolon
  • 16.30 - Presentation of the Toolkit dedicated to local authorities to identify match-funding models
    Martina Lodi - ART-ER
  • 16.45 - Presentation of the projects of the CF Civico Venezia (11 projects)
    Municipality of Venice; they moderate the campaign managers of the 7 active Crowdfunding campaigns; Angelo Rindone - CEO of Productions from Below; Danilo Corrà - Social Cohesion Department of the Municipality of Venice
  • 17.25 - Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia Environmental Crowdfunding Campaign
    Cesvi-Fenice Foundation
  • 17.55 - The technological aspects to create a Crowdfunding Platform
    Gianmario Colafati - CrowdCore; Riccardo Di Martino - Lemonway

Beer Crowd Labs (from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm)

  • Civic Crowd Lab
  • Platform Crowd Lab

Thursday, July 15: Equity Crowdfunding

  • 16.30 - TokenArt Project: BlockChain, NFT on art, Agrifood and Nautica
    Massimo Morbiato - EZ-LAB Blockchian Solutions; Jacopo Fo
  • 16.45 - Three excellent Equity Campaigns: Fintech (Sardex SpA + 1M €) - Social Housing (Homes4All 400K) and Real Estate (G Park Treviso 2Mil €)
    Edoardo Reggiani - BackToWork; Stefano Rossi - Lita; Leonardo Grechi - Walliance
  • 17.30 - Energy communities and crowdfunding: possible synergies?
    Massimo Bolzicco - Civiesco ;  Carlo Allevi - WeareStarting
  • 18.00 - The innovative finance Ethics in support of SMEs
    Fabio Salviato - Eticss

Beer Crowd Labs (from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm)

  • Tech Crowd Lab
  • Equity Crowd Lab
  • Energy Crowd Lab

Friday, July 16: Donation & Reward Crowdfunding

  • 16.30 - Crowdfunding as a self-entrepreneurial tool for NEETs: Erasmus + InCrowd Project
    Andrea Grigoletto and Daniel Grandis - Fenice Fenice Foundation; Francesca Passeri - EUROCROWD
  • 16.45 - Crowdfunding as a tool for large companies: the experience of the Naturasì
    Emiliano Bonadio - Naturasì Group; Ass. Arcellatown
  • 17.05 - # piùbelleedisempre! The Reward campaign of the Pro Loco of Fregona Park of the Caves of Caglieron
    Elisa Alessi Celegon and Francesca Bertolin - Pro Loco of Fregona
  • 17.20 - The Reward Campaign "Cocoricò Discocratic Republic" of Rimini
    Mike Pagliarulo - Cocoricò 
  • 17.35 - Successful reward campaigns of Alumni of the Fenice
    Annamaria Colucci e Annalisa Bifolchi - O.I. Arte in una frattura; Daniele Grimaldi -Spirulina for Kimbondo; Fabio Ognibeni - Salviamo il legno di Stradivari in Val di Fiemme; Mirko Sossai - Casa dell’Amicizia - Comunità di S. Egidio

Beer Crowd Labs (from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm)

  • NEET Crowd Lab
  • Donation Crowd Lab

All the sessions are free of charge and accessible both live in Padua, Italy and via live streaming. Register here.