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Boosting the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean Region Through Crowdfunding

by EUROCROWD on 23.06.2021

As citizens, authorities and governments become more conscious of the climate change, the importance of preserving our oceans and “blue” resources has gained more attention than before. This is why blue economy is at the centre of the Blue Crowdfunding project, that has just launched its first promotional video presenting its main goals and methodology.

Renewing and promoting the blue economy is a great challenge, but also an excellent opportunity for the Mediterranean region. The sectors of the blue economy are vital components of the regional economy and provide significant innovation and wealth potential.

All these steps towards greater sustainability mean that our society is at the beginning of a new era where crowdfunding can play a key role in financing SMEs seeking to develop business initiatives. In the framework of the blue economy, it can bridge the financial gap between innovative ideas and their market application.

Through crowdfunding, initiatives in the blue economy sector can access funding for their campaigns. Furthermore, crowdfunding can help to test and develop innovative blue economy products and services. Therefore, one of the main objectives of the project is to expand the knowledge about crowdfunding at the institutional, business and citizen level.

In order to bring diversity, different approaches, experiences and tools, the project has gathered 13 partners and will be implemented in 8 Mediterranean countries. The goal of these joint efforts will be to support blue economy and make this an important source of employment and wealth in the Mediterranean.

To achieve these objectives, training programmes will also be provided to institutions, companies in the sector, as well as and citizens, so that they can use crowdfunding as a suitable and viable tool for financing their projects.

How To Get Involved?

The Blue Crowdfunding project offers the opportunity for citizens to participate both in the financing of the projects and launching of campaigns with blue economy related ideas. Currently, 6 of the 15 campaigns to be developed in the project have already been launched. Goteo has launched four campaigns aimed at improving the blue economy sector in Spain and through GoGetFunding, two more campaigns have been launched to boost the sector in Greece.

Furthermore, public authorities can also play a very important role by promoting the activities that are being developed in their regions and collaborating in the financing of these projects which generate sustainable and equitable economic growth for all.

We all have to join forces in order to reverse the situation in the Mediterranean. It is our responsibility to increase the benefits of human activities related to the sustainable use of marine resources, but we should act now. Join us in this important battle – for further information check out the project website, and watch the Blue Crowdfunding video.