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Free Workshop on Public-backed Financing Schemes For Leveraging Energy Efficiency Investments – June 25

by EUROCROWD on 11.06.2021

Join another CITIZEE event on June 25, 2021, this time focusing on public-backed financing schemes for leveraging energy efficiency investments, aimed at European public authorities.

The goal of the CITIZEE capacity building activities is to guide and train European public authorities to scale up investments for energy efficiency in the building sector by leveraging public investments with smart citizen investment models.

Collectively, buildings in the EU are responsible for 40% of our energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions, which mainly stem from construction, usage, renovation and demolition. Improving energy efficiency in buildings therefore has a key role to play in achieving the ambitious goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050, set out in the European Green Deal.

Today, roughly 75% of the EU building stock is energy inefficient. This means that a large part of the energy used goes to waste. Such energy loss can be minimised by improving existing buildings and striving for smart solutions and energy-efficient materials when constructing new houses.

The event is organised as Innovation Workshop of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2021, 21 - 25 June, located both in Wels, Austria and online.

For registration, click on the link here and choose Innovation Workshops.


  • CitizEE and the implications of the EU Renovation Wave: a regulatory overview
    Maximilian Wimmer, SUER, Germany
  • CitizEE investment platforms and financing schemes
    • Using public financing instruments to leverage private finance
      Jean-François Marchand, ENERGINVEST, Belgium
    • Structured financial solutions using public and private funds
      Jean-François Marchand, ENERGINVEST, Belgium
  • Citizen financing schemes: status of pilot countries
    • Lithuania: lending arrangement & crowdfunding for PV
      Renata Adomaviciene / Asta Gladkauskiene, VIPA
    • Belgium: co-financing EPC for deep renovation in the education sector
      Barbara De Kezel, VEB, Belgium
    • Portugal: Loan Fund & crowdfunding for the community building sector
      Luis Couto, GO PARITY
    • Croatia: lending arrangement & crowdfunding for PV
      Velimir Segon, REGEA
  • Discussion and conclusions