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Re-watch: CrowdTuesday: ECSPR – opportunity or threat?

by EUROCROWD on 14.05.2021

On 25 May 2021, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CEST, EUROCROWD hosted another CrowdTuesday online. This time, we focused on discussing and explaining the impact of ECSPR (the European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation) on the operations of existing platforms, the opportunities and the constraints specifically addressing concerns of platform operators. Of our speakers, both Jeff Lynn of Seedrs and Jens Engelmann-Pilger (formerly of Funding Circle) have been directly involved for the past three years to draft responses and legal commentary during the drafting of ECSPR and the negations between the European Parliament and the European Council. Both have an in-depth understanding of the legal text and its interpretations and have been responsible for making it work for the industry. Lisa Hees of Oneplanetcrowd has been heavily involved in working to transpose ECSPR into the operational realities of the Dutch market, while Christin Friedrich of Innovestment and Chair of EUROCROWD is deeply involved in the German markets adaptation of ECSPR.

  • We tried to provide a short overview of the political intentions and history of the ECSPR law, as we were able to witness this over the past years first hand.
  • We wanted to outline and discuss the current proposal of ESMA and provide input to the ongoing open consultation (closing on 28 May 2021)
  • We discussed with the audience issues of national implementation, options of member states to further support or, indeed restrict the sector


This CrowdTuesday is primarily addressed to senior executives of European crowdfunding platforms active in providing business loans, debt or equity types of investment to European small- and medium sized companies.


Christin Friedrich, CEO Innovestment


  • Jeff Lynn, co-Founder and Chairman of Seedrs
  • Jens Engelmann-Pilger (former Legal Counsel Funding Circle Europe)
  • Lisa Hees, Legal Counsel of Oneplanetcrowd

Moderator: Oliver Gajda, Executive Director, EUROCROWD

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