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EUROCROWD For Energy: Introducing New Services For Sustainable Energy

by EUROCROWD on 07.05.2021

Financing the sustainable transition is a huge challenge in terms of the financial and social recourses required, and thanks to its distinctive ability to mobilize citizens and leverage private capital from non-traditional investors crowdfunding is particularly well suited to address the existing financing gap, as well as contribute to raise awareness on the importance of a more sustainable future, create a direct local link with society and have a positive trickle effect on traditional investment.

As the main representative of the industry at EU level, EUROCROWD has a unique position to unleash this untapped potential and help establish crowdfunding as an essential tool for the successful implementation of the energy transition.

To this end, we are currently working to further develop our services in the sustainability sector with the launch of a new initiative, Crowdfunding For Energy: Innovative Solutions To Crowdfund The Sustainable Energy Transition, to better assist public authorities, project developers and crowdfunding platforms in delivering on the great ambition of a climate neutral Europe.

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Through our offer of training and technical assistance, in combination with our effort in EU-funded projects, we aim to expand the knowledge base on crowdfunding solutions for energy projects and solidify the position of Europe as a leader in crowdfunding for environmental sustainability and renewable energy.