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Christin Friedrich

by EUROCROWD on 25.04.2021

Christin has been the Chair of the EUROCROWD Non-Executive Board from 2017 until 2022. She has advocated for greater transparency, common standards, and a fundamental understanding of alternative financing’s positive impact on the European economy and society. Under Christin's chairmanship, EURCROWD successfully helped to ensure its members interest in the negotiation of ECSPR.

Christin Friedrich was the CEO of Innovestment, a former alternative financing and investment platform focused on long-term sustainable impact finance for SMEs. Christin was a member of the Technology and Innovation Committee of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce and contributed to the development of a digitization strategy for the city of Berlin. Christin is a certified financial investment broker (IHK). She worked for management consultancies in Berlin and Hamburg and co-founded a tourism start-up in Iceland. Christin lives in Berlin, Germany.