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POWERPOOR – Empowering Energy Poor Citizens through Joint Energy Initiatives

by EUROCROWD on 05.04.2021

Funding Programme: H2020

Duration: September 2020 -August 2023

Website: not available yet

Description: The main objective of POWERPOOR is to develop support programmes/schemes for energy poor citizens and encourage the use of alternative financing schemes (e.g. establishing energy communities / cooperatives, crowd funding). POWERPOOR will facilitate experience and knowledge sharing, as well as the implementation of small-scale energy efficiency interventions and the installation of renewable energy sources, increasing the active participation of citizens. Pilot energy poor support programmes/schemes will be designed, developed and implemented in eight countries across Europe, led by a network of certified Energy Supporters and Energy Communities Mentors. The Energy Supporters / Mentors will support (more than 22,000) energy poor households to plan and implement energy efficiency interventions, as well as participate in joint energy initiatives.

Our role: EUROCROWD is in charge of identifying crowdfunding and other innovative financing opportunities to address energy poverty in the pilot countries and promote their use through the development of the POWER-FUND tool, a web-based platform on innovative financing. Additionally, EUROCROWD is actively involved in the design of POWERPOOR training programmes and capacity building activities aimed at presenting a multilevel perspective on energy poverty, climate action and sustainable energy, including the promotion of crowdfunding and other innovative financing opportunities to address energy poverty. Furthermore, EUROCROWD will support the project in its dissemination and replication activities at EU level by promoting ad-hoc training webinars and organising a dedicated conference on innovative finance for energy poverty.

Expected results:

  • 175 GWh/year of primary energy savings triggered by the project
  • 244 GWh/year of renewable energy produced within the duration of the project
  • 226 million EUR in cumulative investments in sustainable energy triggered by the project
  • 188 ktCO2e eq/year GHG Emissions avoided due to the project
  • 8 support schemes for energy poor households
  • 8 national roadmaps & EU policy recommendations for multilevel governance cooperation to alleviate energy poverty

Project partners: