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DARE – Digital Environment for collaborative Alliances to Regenerate urban Ecosystems in middle-sized cities

by EUROCROWD on 05.04.2021

Funding Programme: Urban Innovative Action

Duration: September 2019 – August 2022


Description:  The DARE project focuses on the urban regeneration process (URP) of the Darsena District in Ravenna. It develops a digital environment that makes data accessible, understandable and useful, enabling citizens to become active part in the process. The project is seeking to test whether the proposed set of tools and enablers may effectively boost the digital transition of the area and thus positively contributing to the Darsena URP.

Our role: To identify the suitability of one or more crowdfunding models for the financial sustainability of the Virtual Realm (ViR) linked to the Darsena district, as well as identify partnering platforms and viable business ideas, and deliver training session to both potential project owner and local stakeholders. EUROCROWD will also ensure that synergies between crowdfunding and ESI Funds at regional level are further explored, and that the Darsena District development strategy is delivered through different services even beyond the project’s duration.

Expected results:

  • Connect relevant players in the crowdfunding sector with local stakeholders and needs
  • Deliver tailor made training sessions to both potential project owners and DARE partners
  • Select and guide business ideas to the development of a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Ensure consistency between crowdfunding specific features and ESI Funds at regional and local level
  • Support the replication of the DARE experience in other European urban areas
  • Identify financially viable services and business models to support the Virtual Realm technology

Project partners