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BLUE CROWDFUNDING – Capacity Building of BLUE Economy Stakeholders

by EUROCROWD on 05.04.2021

Funding Programme: INTERREG-MED 

Project value:  €2,112,691.00 The project is supported by the INTERREG MED Programme of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Total co-financing amounts: €1,996,946.50

Duration: November 2019 – June 2022 


Description: Blue economy innovation in Mediterranean could be significantly improved, if more investment funds would be available. One possible solution is use of Crowdfunding (CF) – but in MED area knowledge and capacities for CF are still low in comparison to North EU. Project general objective is to improve innovation capacities in blue growth sector by mainstreaming use of crowdfunding. 

Our role: Within BLUE CROWDFUNDING, EUROCROWD will be mainly responsible of the communication and dissemination plan setting and management. In line with it, it will also prepare the promotional materials, as well as play an important role in relation to knowledge mainstreaming, transferring and capitalization at the EU wide transnational level. It will also be involved in the modelling and adoption of training resources. The project will be delivered by a consortium of 13 partners from 8 MED countries and 1 partner from outside the programme area. The consortium includes partners form 4 blue economy clusters/chambers, 3 crowdfunding experts, 2 academia and 4 regions. The following sectors will be reached: blue energy, maritime safety, maritime transport, maritime tourism, fisheries and aquaculture. The project ambition is to trigger change from using public funds for innovation to use crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to fund, test and validate innovative blue economy products and services. 

Expected results:

  • Capacity building of blue economy SMEs on how to use CF;
  • Transnational blue-crowdfunding cluster with developed CF services;
  • Mainstreaming the international CF trainings in business support institutions;
  • Mainstreaming policy change and recognition of using civic crowdfunding in regions.

Project partners:


CCSEV, Spain

CCCI, Cyprus


GOTEO, Spain

UAlg, Portugal

EFRI, Croatia

European Crowdfunding Network, Belgium

E-ZAVOD, Slovenia



RCM, Greece

VLORA, Albania