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ECN joins forces with EUIPO to support young companies

by EUROCROWD on 30.09.2020

Brussels & Alicante, 30 September 2020. In the quest to alleviate some of the issues young companies face, the EUIPO and the ECN, have signed a collaboration agreement to help and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

Many entrepreneurs and start-ups, particularly at the early stages of setting up a business, find it hard to get the financial backing necessary to take their innovative ideas off the ground. Others, often due to lack of familiarity with the topic, fail to see the benefits of protecting intellectual property when deciding to take their business forward. To a large degree, the chances of success depend on the quality of the information SMEs have at their disposal.

For the ECN, this collaboration is a good opportunity to promote crowdfunding as a viable means to boost entrepreneurship, social innovation and job creation. On the other hand, the EUIPO intends to maximise the outreach of the ECN´s network to transmit the importance of IP rights (trademarks, patents, design, etc.) and to empower SMEs through knowledge about intellectual property protection.

The EUIPO is the European agency responsible for managing registrations of the EU trade mark and the registered Community design valid in all EU member states. As part of its Strategic Plan 2025, the SME Programme under the Ideas Powered for business’ brand aims to support and empower SMEs on their business journey. EUIPO recently launched ‘Ideas Powered for business’ hub offers made-to-measure information to SMEs, as well as the possibility to sign up for free personalised legal advice for free personalised legal advice on their intellectual property questions.

Both organisations are committed to providing the tools and the necessary know-how to support SMEs in their business journey through training models, joint webinars and events.

ECN is acting for an efficient, balanced & transparent crowdfunding eco-system in Europe. For more information on how crowdfunding platforms can benefit from our cooperation, please reach out to us via