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LandSense – A Citizen Observatory and Innovation Marketplace for Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring

by EUROCROWD on 01.09.2016

Funding Programme: Horizon 2020

Duration: September 2016 – August 2020


Description: The overall aim of the LandSense project is to build an innovative citizen observatory in the field of LULC, which collects data both, actively (through citizens) and passively (from authoritative, open access, and other citizen-based initiatives) and integrates them into an open platform that provides valuable quality-assured in-situ data for SMEs, larger businesses, government agencies, NGOs and researchers. LandSense also provides multiple pathways for citizen empowerment that go beyond simple data collection by creating and using a range of engagement tools that will allow the voices of citizens to be heard.

ECN’s role: ECN is responsible for the development of a crowdfunding mechanism that will be integrated with LandSense open platform. Such mechanism will allow citizens and multinationals to unlock very high-resolution satellite imagery, which in turn will be used to verify changes in specific areas.

Expected results:

  • Illustrate the potential scaling-up and extension of LULC technologies and applications from the incorporation of in-situ citizen observatories
  • Build the LandSense engagement platform to allow collection, integration, management, and contextualized presentation of LULC information by key stakeholders
  • Deliver four innovative and scalable LULC services: LandSense Campaigner, Farmland Support, Change Detector, and Quality & Assurance Control
  • Demonstrate the quality, confidence and added value of in-situ citizen-driven observations for improved LULC monitoring via three demonstration cases
  • Produce flexible and sustainable business models to bring to market LandSense technologies, solutions, and products

Project partners:

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