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by EUROCROWD on 01.03.2014

Title: Citizenergy - The European Platform for citizen investment in renewable energy
Funding Programme: Intelligent Energy Europe – European Commission
Duration: March 2014 – February 2017
Description: The project created a European crowdfunding platform for renewable energy aimed to respond to a variety of needs of both renewable energy source (RES) promoters and potential citizen investors.
Citizenergy is the first platform to encourage cross-border investment in sustainable energy and the first to provide information on sustainable energy opportunities from both crowdfunding platforms and cooperatives. It reinforces the work of such organisations in financing renewable and energy efficiency projects, increasing their reach while promoting transparency. A sort of “Tripadvisor” of our sustainable energy landscape, Citizenergy is a valuable resource for individuals looking to get involved in the energy transition.
Our role:

EUROCROWD coordinated the framework analysis, comprising aspects such as legal requirements, citizen requirements, RES projects business models and RES promoters’ requirements. ECN also led activities to engage citizens in RES projects and to ensure the sustainability of the crowdfunding platform after the project’s end.
Expected results:

  • Creation of a platform for citizen investment in RES projects
  • Direct engagement of at least 6,000 citizens resulting in a €14,6 million investment in RES projects
  • Promotion of a favourable EU framework for the creation of citizen RES projects through a network of stakeholders at European level
  • Identification of main barriers to citizen engagement and investment in RES projects in 10 European countries and provide recommendations to tackle these obstacles
  • Communication tools, handbook and helpdesk to support citizen engagement in RES projects

Project partners:

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