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Towards an Ecosystem For Early-stage Finance and Innovation Through Crowdfunding

by EUROCROWD on 19.12.2013

Brussels, 19 December 2013 - In May 2013 we held our first International ECN Crowdfunding Convention in Vienna at the head offices of the Austrian Chambers of Commerce. After the event we asked speakers elaborate on some of the key trends and issues within the crowdfunding sector in 2013. This paper is the result of this and aimed to broaden the views on crowdfunding, away from the stereotypes, while remaining accessible to the widest possible audience. We believe that the contributions give a varied view on the opportunities that crowdfunding can deliver.

Towards an ecosystem for early-stage finance and innovation through crowdfunding (2013)

Published by: European Crowdfunding Network, Brussels

The short essays in this paper include an insider view – not to be mistaken with an official statement – from within the European Commission, a call to re-examine our perception of money, a take on innovative aspects of crowdlending to SMEs, two views from entrepreneurs who successfully raised equity crowdfunding, the potential impact of crowdfunding on employment and work, innovation in peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding as a form of open innovation and crowdfunding as a blue ocean strategy.

With contribution from:

  • Dr Joachim Schwerin
  • Stefan Limberger
  • Benoit Vandevivere
  • Hans-Christian Heinemeyer
  • Adam Woolway
  • Ivana Pais
  • Daniela Castrataro
  • Tim Wright
  • Maria Serra
  • Dan Marom
  • Oliver Gajda
  • Radha Dilip Banhatti