EUROCROWD, Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is Europe’s leading business network for professional crowdfunding platforms and stakeholders. initially conceived in late 2011 following The Bielsko Biała Declaration on Realising the full potential of crowdfunding initiatives by EURADA, was officially incorporated in 2013 in Belgium. We started with the intention of representing the burgeoning European crowdfunding sector, but challenges soon turned into opportunities, leading the organization to expand well beyond its initial vision.  We are independent from market players and privately funded and managed.

Since our incorporation, EUROCROWD has worked closely with the leading crowdfunding platforms in Europe to establish a professional market. Since our incorporation, we remain independent and have been privately funded, with membership income accounting for less than 20% of our annual budget. This allows us to remain a trustworthy partner to public administrations, development agencies and policy-makers both at the EU and national levels – and ensures that market actors cannot apply undue influence. It also gives us the freedom to act in the best interest of the overall crowdfunding market, including citizens and project owners, a quality needed when providing bespoke services to our clients.

Today, EUROCROWD is the premier hub for networking and representation among professional crowdfunding service providers, reward crowdfunding platforms, and professional service companies in the European market. Join forces with EUROCROWD today and become an integral part of a dynamic community committed to shaping the future of crowdfunding in Europe. We are structured as a collaborative network, in which the not-for-profit European Crowdfunding Network AISBL (ECN) oversees direct membership affairs and representation, while our separate entity EUROCROWD BV/SRL manages the association and facilitates commercial interests. 

Since its establishment, EUROCROWD has created a strong service portfolio:

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